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Part horse trader, genetic crusader, and equine behaviorist, Dalene Knight makes sure visitors to her Painted Desert Farm leave with more than just the horse of their dreams.

During half a century of buying, selling and raising horses. Dalene Knight has learned a thing or two about the horse business.  Perhaps that is why it is surprising when she describes Painted Desert Farm as a hobby.

In shear numbers, Knight ranks as one of the largest Paint breeders in the Northwest.  Yet, she rarely goes to hose shows, seldom advertises, and most of the mares she breeds to her Paint and Thoroughbred stallions are her own.

But in spite of her low-key approach to promotion, most of her foals are sold as weanlings– many while still at their mother’s side.

Although Knight has certainly been a successful businesswoman, she is quick to point out that making money isn’t the main purpose of Painted Desert Farm.  According to Knight, there isn’t enough money to compensate for all the nights spent sleeping int he barn during foaling season, or for all the time it takes searching for extraordinary ares that will take her breeding program to the next level.

“I know what it’s like to haul up and down the road, trading horses so you can put food on the table,: said Knight.  “I’ve done that.  At this point in my life, I am more driven by my passion for raising good horses than I am by a business plan or a profit motive.”

Please continue reading White Knights- an article published in the Paint Horse Journal/ February 2002 edition here.

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